Run macro in background

Due to mobile device's battery limitation, here are some helpful Settings
  • Power saving mode
  • Battery optimization settings
  • Other battery management apps
  • Screen lock/ display settings
  • Lock Apps, tap [lock] icon on the title bar of app window

Tips & Steps

  • Run macro in background function is in [Summary] tab
  • Open your macro, set the interval, the repeat counter and push the [Replay] icon
  • Our logo will appear (small and movable)

  • You can run multiple macros in background
  • Interval (minute): more than 1 minutes as interval is recommended
  • Repeat counter 0 = infinite repetitions

  • Connecting phone with USB charging cable is recommended
  • Option A- phone is connected to USB charging cable. Macro always runs when app is open (background / foreground / screens off)
  • Option B- phone is not connected to USB. Macro runs when app is in foreground
  • Option C- phone is not connected to USB. Macro runs when app is in background (with overlay float icon). Click [Tool] icon to grant permission. Settings - App - Find this app - Enable [Apps that can appear on top]

Windows Version
  • Macro always run as long as Windows App is not closed

iOS Version
  • Macro only runs when app is in foreground and screen is kept on
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