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record - edit - replay | For mobile devices and PC

Think this app as a video camera and video player on webpage! Your mouse, keyboard and touch events are captured as it is and saved in your macro. Then you can hit the replay button to start playing these events over and over again. As a bonus, we also have the features to fine tune the recording events to make the replay perfect.


  • No root is required on mobile devices (don't need USB or PC)
  • YouTube videos on help page
  • Demo page to get started
  • Samples for download in app menu
  • Easy steps to record your events. No more complicated programming.
  • Web Macro Bot plays events directly in built-in webview so no interference with device at any time.

Automate repetitive user actions on any website across popular mobile devices including Android, iOS and Windows. Our cross-platform app can save your precious time by automating webpage events on your mobile devices.

Our mission is to bring webpage automation to anyone on the Internet. You don’t need to have any scripting or programming skills. Our innovative mobile oriented app is very simple to follow. You will not be confused by any nerd coding language. The app uses nature language to guide you through macro setup and replay.

Web Automation App

For Android devices including both, phone and tablet, our app utilize the native chrome webview to process macro scripts to help you manage tedious and labor intensive clicking and typing events on modern website. For Apple devices, including iPhone and iPad, our app use Safari webview to run macro events to reduce manual activities on web pages. For Windows devices, including Windows 10, Windows Surface and Xbox, our app use native webview to run JavaScript macro to improve your productivity on Internet.

Web page automation has a very long history from the beginning of the Internet era. Many automation tools exist for browser automation, web testing and data extraction for desktop devices and servers. Web developers and webmasters have been using web automation to do data crawling, web application analysis and monitoring. Traditionally tools and scripts are designed for coders that requires programming skills and have to run on pc or work stations due to platform restrictions. Nowadays, people are surfing the Internet more and more on mobile phone and tablets. Internet is for people from all ages and backgrounds.

Web Macro Bot is here to solve the problem of webpage automation on mobile and portable devices so that you can have the tool in your pocket. The app is designed in the simplest way so that your Granny could give it a go. You don’t need to know one line of code, yet still able to save time and enjoy productivity gain.

Automate Web Page Events: Website automation, price monitoring, auto surfer, auto clicker, auto refresh, auto scroll, auto screenshot, run in background. No root.

Web Macro Bot helps you record webpage events and replay these events automatically later on, also in background. Everyday, you spend so much time on repetitively doing the same thing on the internet. For example: login into website or look at share market stats. With Web Macro Bot, you can record keyboard typing, mouse click and page scroll easily as a macro script, then whenever you need, fire up the macro to replay all your actions.

The macro events are captured as JavaScript and can be replayed to simulate user actions. You can use it on any web page for automatic typing, hyperlink navigation, textbox data entry, image browsing, auto surfer, auto clicker, auto refresh page, price monitoring and track page change.


  • Auto refresh chrome web viewer page
  • Auto clicker mouse tap, button click and keyboard events
  • Refresh a webpage at certain interval
  • Change detection on webpage element with notification
  • Auto click a series of buttons on web page
  • Screenshot a particular page regularly for monitoring

[Supported Macro Events]

  • Keyboard type
  • Tap event / Touch Event / Mouse click
  • Touch scroll / Mouse Wheel scroll
  • Multiple page navigation
  • Time delay between events
  • Macro execution log / history
  • Macro step editing
  • Auto reload and time bot
  • Configurable web browser recorder

[WebView Features]

  • Web page screenshot
  • Text value extraction from specific element
  • Repeat macro at specified interval
  • Refresh and monitoring in foreground (screen must be on)
  • Refresh and monitoring in background (screen off or app in background)
  • Reset cookie at each run
  • Specify user agent
  • Direct JavaScript execution
  • Advanced WebView debug mode
  • Email notification (pending)

Thank you for using Web Macro Bot, we hope the service is user friendly and that it makes everyday life easier. Regular adjustments and improvements are made in order to expand the possibilities of use. Customer reports and inquiries are integrated into this process. If you are satisfied with the current state of development, we were pleased to receive a positive review.

Future functions may require some technical terms, but they quickly become understandable after a short period of use.


  • Webview: The WebView is a component of Android / iOS for displaying web content, HTML files with JavaScript and CSS. The web content to be displayed may be downloaded from the Internet or included in an app itself as a local resource.
  • Website: Websites (also called home page or web page) usually consist of structured text in which images and other multimedia elements can be integrated.
  • html: HTML is the format in which web pages are written. Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge read the HTML file in split seconds and then display it graphically.
  • CSS: CSS is used to create the design / style of a web page, such as font size, font color and other features.
  • Web URL: A URL is used to navigate web pages.
  • JavaScript: JavaScript is a programming language that is used in web pages and then executed by the visitor's browser. JavaScript ensures that web pages dynamically build up and adapt to users.
  • Screenshot: a picture of the screen.
  • Screen recorder / screen capture: A screen recorder is a software for recording screen activities in video format.
  • Web crawler: A web crawler is a computer program that automatically searches the Internet for specific information.
  • Data mining: Data mining is a powerful method that can reveal patterns and relationships within data.
  • WebDriver: WebDriver accepts commands via a Client API and sends them to a browser.
  • Selenium client API: Selenium currently provides client APIs for Java, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, R and Python.
  • Selenium: Selenium is a portable framework. Selenium provides a playback tool for authoring functional tests without the need to learn a test scripting language.
  • Headless server: A headless computer is a computer system or device that has been configured to operate without a monitor (the missing "head"), keyboard, and mouse.