Cloud Services

Run your macro on our cloud server without draining phone battery. You can configure and schedule cloud macro remotely once uploaded.

  • Please use [Cloud upload] icon to save changes
  • You can manage your macros in your cloud account.
  • Since the macro is executed in an available slot, the log may be delayed.
  • Slots are limited to 1 minute = Macro will run max 1 minute
  • Our Samples from Library and our Web URL cant be used in Cloud Services
Register an account to enjoy 5 free cloud macro!
Cloud macro is current under beta, we are improving the cloud version in the next 3 months actively.

Cloud LinkCloud link
Cloud UploadUpload your macro to the cloud server
Cloud RunActivate/deactivate your macro to run on server
Cloud LoginYour cloud account
RefreshRefresh view
Cloud PortalUser Portal
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