Welcome to [Web Macro Bot] App!

  • Web Macro Bot helps you record webpage events, and replay it automatically later on. Once macro is setup, you can run multiple web pages at the same time.
  • If you have any issues or suggestions, please email us at app@webmacro.app

Shortcut and Auto Play to Quick Launch

  • Enable Auto Play in Macro Options
  • Use [3dots] icon in Macro List to create Shortcut
  • Use the Shortcut and Auto Play to Quick Launch your Macro

  • Android allows 1 Shortcut

  • Microsoft : Right Click Web Macro Bot App to see Shortcut
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Bug reporting

  • You got error message replaying ?
  • Export your macro (path / location is shown in the settings)
  • Send email with attached .json macro

Send your macro

Download option for samples and files

  • Samples for download in app menu and website
  • File download in Design Mode and WebView Mode
  • Download path / location is shown in the settings
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Icon Legend

DesignDesign Mode | record - edit - replay
Play[Replay] icon to replay your macros
Repeat[Repeat] icon to set interval (minutes) and number of repeats
Record[Camera] icon to record a macro
Edit[Pen] icon to edit single steps, add new steps and report a bug
More[3dots] icon to choose elements (extract,...), set current Url, navigate forward, navigate back
RESET button can be used at every moment to go back to the beginning of your recording
INFO button shows our online help
WebWebview Mode | Full screen size
Refresh[Refresh] icon to load webpage
Info[Info] icon shows the online help
Play[Replay] icon to play macro
Edit[Pen] icon open the macro page to edit
Scroll[Scroll] action to start auto scroll (speed can be set with [Tools] icon)
JavaScript[JS] icon open adhoc JavaScript window
Code[Code] icon shows the HTML source code
Tools[Tools] Configurations and settings
go back[go back]