How to setup and record macro

  • Fill in the Web URL
  • Use [Browser] icon to open the page
  • Wait for the page to load fully
  • Click [Camera] icon to start macro recording
  • Once started ('Ready' message appear), you can use mouse and keyboard to do anything you need
  • Use [Stop] icon to finish recording
  • Optionally, you can edit each event to adjust time delay using [Pen] icon
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How to play macro

  • Click [Replay] icon to run macro in foreground
  • Use [Reset] icon to open/reset the initial URL
  • Optionally, disable scroll merge to replay scroll slowly [Tools] icon
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Navigate forward and back

  • use [3dots] icon to navigate between websites
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Icon Legend

DesignDesign Mode | record - edit - replay
Play[Replay] icon to replay your macros
Repeat[Repeat] icon to set interval (minutes) and number of repeats
Record[Camera] icon to record a macro
Edit[Pen] icon to edit single steps, add new steps and report a bug
More[3dots] icon to choose elements (extract,...), set current Url, navigate forward, navigate back
RESET button can be used at every moment to go back to the beginning of your recording
INFO button shows our online help