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App UserRegistered UserMemberTrial *
AppRun the macro locally on deviceYesYesYesYes
AppBasic functionsYesYesYesYes
AppApp features, no AdsYes (App Store purchase)Yes (Pay on website)YesYes
AppWMB coinsYes (App Store purchase)Yes (Pay on website)Yesyes
AppAccount share on multiple devices__YesYes
AppPriority Support__YesYes
Web Macro PortalAccess to WMP_YesYesYes
Web Macro PortalEmail notifications_YesYesYes
Web Macro PortalSync macro to cloud_YesYesYes
Web Macro PortalMacro Management__YesYes
Web Macro PortalDevice Management__YesYes
Web Macro PortalCloud trial / test page_YesYesYes
WMB ServerTrial *_YesYesYes
WMB ServerRun macro in cloud__YesYes
WMB APIUser based API_YesYesYes

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