WebView Mode

You can use WebView mode to launch any macro in full screen size or visit any website.

  • Replay macro
  • Auto Scroll webpage
  • Run adhoc JavaScript
  • View web page HTML source code

JavaScript change website content

  • Record your macro
  • Add or edit a step SCRIPT
  • Run the macro

  • Adhoc JavaScript window in WebView Mode
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Auto Scroll with speed adjustment

  • open WebView Mode
  • adjust speed with [Tools] icon
  • press [Scroll] in Action field
  • switch to full screen view

  • Auto Scroll WebView Mode uses its own settings [tool] icon
  • Manual recorded scrolling in Design Mode can be set by editing the time interval and the "Merge Scroll" option
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Auto Play in WebView Mode

  • Enable 'Auto Play' in Macro Options
  • Open WebView from your Macro or from Macro List
  • Auto Play your Macro in WebView Mode
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Show Source Code of website

  • open WebView Mode
  • use [Code] icon to show Source Code of website
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Icon Legend

WebWebview Mode | Full screen size
Refresh[Refresh] icon to load webpage
Info[Info] icon shows the online help
Play[Replay] icon to play macro
Edit[Pen] icon open the macro page to edit
Scroll[Scroll] action to start auto scroll (speed can be set with [Tools] icon)
JavaScript[JS] icon open adhoc JavaScript window
Code[Code] icon shows the HTML source code
Tools[Tools] Configurations and settings
go back[go back]